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Dental gypsum material


Product features
  • Various dental gypsums for modelling
  • Excellent flowability
  • Appropriate setting time
  • Smooth, nonporous surface
  • High edge stability
  • Free of toxic or allergenic additives

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The types of dental gypsum used in dentistry are internationally classified according to EN ISO 6873 into the following subtypes:

Type I:           Impression or articulation plasters
Type II:  Modelling plaster
Type III: Hard plaster (dental stone) for models
Type IV: Extra-hard plaster (dental stone) – low expansion
Type V:  Extra-hard plaster (dental-stone) – high expansion


Die Keen (green)

• Very hard, but not brittle natural
   plaster (class V-Type)
• Suitable for models using the K & B
   technique, model casting etc.
• Suitable for all impression materials
• Forms a glassy-smooth,
   chip-resistant surface
• Setting time: 10 – 13 minutes
• Setting expansion: approx.  0,18 %



Die Stone (peach color)

• Extra-hard plaster (class IV-type)
• Suitable for fixed and removable
   bridges, cast partials, crowns and inlays
• Very smooth and extremely hard
• Setting time: 10 – 12 minutes
• Setting expansion: 0,07 %,
   thereby the highest precision of fitting


067-Snow White Stone
(extra white)

• Special hard plaster for orthodontic
   models (class III-type)
• Also suitable for crown and bridge
• Extremely high surface hardness
  (11.000 psi)
• Setting expansion: 0,14 %

Orthodontic Plaster (white)

• For special plaster (class III-type)
• For orthodontic and study models
• Easy to mix, velvet-smooth flow,
   harder and denser cast setting than
   ordinary orthodontic plaster
• Easy to grind and polish
• Shiny surface with an extra-white
• Setting time: 12  – 15  minutes
• Setting expansion: 0,18 %

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