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Hydrocolloid syringe material


Product features
  • Hydrocolloid syringe material
  • Two different forms (syringes or sticks)
  • Available in two colors
    (orange / pink)


SuperSyringe® / SuperSticks®

The syringe material from Gingi-Pak company is available in two different forms (SuperSticks and SuperSyringe).

Resembles viscous tray material and prevents tearing that typically occurs at the margins.

The low viscosity syringe material contrasts very well to the tray materials and enhances the reproduction detail (available only as SuperSticks).


Hydrocolloid syringes

A hydrocolloid syringe is also available to go along with the sticks. Once again, one can choose between two different forms:

Hydrocolloid syringe (green)
A brass-lined, precision syringe to keep the heat of the material on the inside without conducting it to the outside, thereby ensuring the easy and comfortable handling of the syringe.

Hydrocolloid syringe (transparent)
The plastic hydrocolloid syringe is designed for using 3/8 sticks when preparing hydrocolloid impressions. The transparent syringe allows the user to see how much material is present in the syringe at any time.

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