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Hydrocolloid Starter Kit

Product features
  • The ideal combination for introducing yourself to hydrocolloid impression techniques

Good reasons for using hydro technology

Impression materials and procedures have been used for the past two centuries by the dental profession. The desire for the highest possible dimensional accuracy and the best reproduction of detail has been and still remains the determining criteria. The better this is achieved, the better will the prosthesis fit.

A hydrocolloid impression guarantees this high detail of reproduction and therefore forms the basis for any long-term dental treatment.

All the benefits at a glance:

• Highest precision
• Hydrophilic properties
• Lowest coefficients of expansion and shringage
• No chemical reactions within the material
• Simplest application and processing concept
• Environmentally friendly materials
• Extremely efficient and cost-effective use of materials

Hydrocolloid Starter Kit

2 sets (6 pieces each) of water-cooled impression trays
1 cooling hose for a water-cooled impression tray
2 Sigma hydrocolloid syringes, green
1 package (containing 144 tubes) SuperBody 500
1 container 3/8 SuperSticks orange (200 g)
1 bottle Gingi-Wet Pre-Impression-Spray
1 bottle Gingi-Fix potassium sulfate powder
1 package Sigma Stops (48 pieces)
1 package Surgident Periphery wax
1 bottle Surgident retraction cord no. 2 (impregnated)
1 bottle Surgident retraction cord no. 4 (impregnated)
1 package Die Keen green extra-hard plaster (24 pouches of 120 g)

If you purchase our starter kit, we will of course demonstrate its use free of charge in your practice!

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