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GLOBAL MicroSurgeon's Chair


Under the microscope the smallest movements can have a large effect. Considering this, the track-proven GLOBAL dentist chair with its practical armrests allows the dentist to keep a steady hand during his work. This chair, which was specifically designed for use with microscopes, represents a real boon for the dentist that can noticeably relieve the shoulder, back and neck areas.

You will appreciate the benefits provided by this chair for long-term treatments in particular. Once you work with it, you will never want to give the chair away again. The height of the backrest can be adjusted to any position. It automatically follows your upper body with every forward movement and provides your back with the support it needs. You can, however, lock it in any position that you want.

The seat can follow your seating posture and rotates with it automatically. Alternatively, you can lock the seat in any inclination. The seat height is supported by a pneumatic spring (seat height: about 430 mm to 560 mm / special heights available on request). There are 18 chair colors to choose from.

The armrests can be adjusted at any height and are connected to the rotating mechanism of the seat. You can bring the armrests into any desired working position without having to use your hands.

The advantage: Your hands remain sterile and your chair remains clean.

Upholstery Colors:





The pictures can differ from the original colour. We will gladly send you a colour sample.

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