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GLOBAL Dental Microscope


Digital Imaging Solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words!

The use of digital documentation has become an integral tool in today's dental practices. This is even more effective when coupled with benefits of a GLOBAL dental microscope.

When taking photographs through the microscope, the images captured are exact replications of what the user sees. The process of taking the picture and assessment of treatment effectiveness can be done in seconds. There is virtually no interruption to the treatment.

NEW - HD Video Camera with Straight-Mount-Adapter
The new GLOBAL 1080 HD video camera is the first HDMI direct-to-monitor video camera in the market, offering high-quality imaging in an ultra compact design.

X-Mount Adapter for Camcorder or Digital Cameras
This uniquely designed adapter can accomodate many common camcorders and digital cameras, allowing you to adapt your personal camera equipment to the microscope.  

SLR X-Mount Adapter for SLR Cameras
The adaption of an SLR camera to the microscope system allows professional documentation of your work in high-resolution images.

This optical component divides the incoming light into two beams and thus allows the connection and combination of video-/digital cameras for documentation purposes.

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