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GLOBAL Dental Microscope


The A-Series in detail


Sleek, innovative style for the modern dental office. A piece of modern age for daily practice!


The versions A3, A4 and A6 offer the right standard model to both the beginner as well as the microscope professional.

With over 100,000 lux output, we offer the brightest LED light source available. Always as bright as it is best for the current treatment situation.

Carr Binocular Extender - Beamsplitter - Multi Focal Lens - Camera Adapter.
The modular design allows a sensible and an easy upgradeability as your needs grow.

Delivers magnification changer,
handles and tension control in one place.

Even more comfort with a new design. The 220° inclinable eyepieces with softer latex-free eyecups are available with 10x magnification. The individual setting of a possible dioptry takes place with a simple mechanism.

Carr Binocular Extender (optional)
Supports a more upright posture, reducing shoulder, neck and back strain.

Magnification Changer
Only at GLOBAL! The magnification changer integrated on both sides in the handles. Thus, the magnification and position of the microscope head can be easily changed in just one step.

Maneuvering Handles
The ergonomic handles can be continuously adjusted and allow every required position.

LED Light Source
A incomparable light source.
 Over 100,000 Lux output
 5,500°K (daylight)
 Eight different brightness levels
 Inclusive dental filter

Dental Filter
Three-stage filter assembly: clear, amber, green

Brakes (Stainless Steel)
Finest threads in the brakes allow an optimal adjustment of the microscope head.

Multi-Focal Lens (optional)
Pure ergonomics! The Multi-Focal Objective Lens allows to focus the microscope on an object anywhere between 200 and 350 mm away from the microscope without having to move the microscope. This promotes optimal ergonomic comfort and minimal adjustment throughout multiple procedures. The entire oral cavity is perfectly reproduced thanks to the large field of view.

Laser Filter (optional)
The laser filters cover nearly all wavelengths currently used in dentistry.
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We proudly present:
The best GLOBAL ever!
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