Shade matching / Rite*lite
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Product features
  • For optimal determination of tooth color
  • LED light source
  • Requires no cable and is maintenance-free
  • Immediately ready for use

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The correct measurement of tooth color is not always easy - even for experienced dentists.

Artificial lighting, distracting background influences, and even everyday stress can impact on the precise measurement of tooth color and entail unnecessary costs as a result, e.g. due to the recalling of patients to carry out color corrections on prosthetic implants.

In order for tooth color to be assessed correctly, standardised lighting conditions are essential. Thanks to the latest LED technology the "Rite*lite" produces just such lighting conditions in constant quality.

This allows a rapid and accurate color assessment whether it be in the field or in a laboratory or dental practice. Its use is totally simple: Rite*lite is held about 2-3 inches away from the teeth of the patient. Interfering outside sources can be eliminated by using pink paper strips (Neutral Colour Pads). In this way a precise color assessment should take no longer than 10 seconds to carry out.

Two Uncomplicated Shade Matching Tools.

Rite*lite (Standard)


Six white, circular arranged LEDs provides fast, accurate and stress free shade matching.

  • Six white LEDs
  • Color rendering index >95
  • Standardised colour temperature of 5500 K
  • Battery operated

Rite*lite 2


The Rite*lite 2 Shade Matching Instrument is a low cost device that incorporates Tri-Spectra L.E.D. technology to simulate multiple lighting conditions that aid in the shade matching of teeth, porcelain and composite dental restorations.

  • A ring of 12 light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Color rendering index: 92
  • Battery operated
  • Three Modes of light for advanced shade validation:
    - Daylight             5500° K
    - Room Light        3200° K
    - Ambient Light    3900° K

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