Fiber reinforcement / Overview
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Sigma Dental offers the adhesive reinforcement system RIBBOND as a fiber reinforced high-quality product, which due to its success and recognition by dental professionals and university hospitals has become an indispensable component for many dental treatments.

RIBBOND is rapid, precise and easy to apply where it is necessary to form durable and strong laminate bonds.
Ribbond can form a chemical bond with almost any dental composite resin or acrylic material and is therefore ideal for a variety of applications, both in the dental practice and in the laboratory:

  • Periodontal splinting
  • Endodontic post and cores
  • Metal-free bridges
  • Single visit bridges
  • Stabilisation after trauma
  • Ortohodontic retainers
  • Maintaining diastema closures
  • Directly bonded bridges
  • Provisional bridges
  • Repairs

Easy to handle
Due to its unique patented leno weave, Ribbond can be adapted in a quick, precise and easy manner to be used wherever needed in order to form a durable high-strength laminate.

Patented fabric
The meshed lockstitch fabric provides an interlocking, woven fiber mesh which is resistant to tearing due to its efficient transmission of force. It is almost completely unable to reset itself, and unlike unidirectionally arranged fibers Ribbond does not fray upon adapting and cutting with the Ribbond scissors.

Ribbond is biocompatible, translucent, practically colorless and integrates seamlessly without showing through in the composite or acrylic. The translucent material allows photopolymerisation (hardening) to occur at depth and in so doing ensures the best adhesion and exceptional esthetics.

Discover for yourself the benefits of fiber reinforcement, a procedure which offers reliable and user-friendly solutions.

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