Rubber Dam / Overview
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Rubber Dam Technique - it's a breeze


We support your awareness of quality and safety as well as your desire to work hygienically with our special rubber dam products that achieve top-rate results optimally and reliably.

Together with other leading brands, our own innovative Sigma Dental products provide for a wide range of treatments. Our long-standing experience with the rubber dam technique makes us the right people to talk to. And with detailed training programmes that we can provide in your practice we can also ensure that our products are correctly applied.

Why a rubber dam?

A rubber dam can be fitted to isolate one or more teeth so that they can be drained completely dry. This has to be achieved, for example, if a durably stable composite filling has to be prepared.
While considering the situation at hand, the rubber dam technique offers the dentist, his team and the patient the following benefits:

• Improved work safety
• Optimum moisture control over a longer period
• Infection control and prevention
• Protection of adjacent soft tissues
• Improved visibility and quality
• Dry instruments and tools that can be handled

Why not choose Sigma Dental’s high quality rubber dam products to make the treatments you provide both safe and comfortable!

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