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Sigma Dental LED-Headlight
Ultra Smart study

Product features
  • Portable LED lighting unit
  • Small. Handy. Practical.
  • Light intensity: approx. 45,000 LUX
  • 2-step brightness control
  • Battery sparing charging technology
  • Different lamp colours

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Small. Handy. Practical.

The high intensity and the light design make this lighting system an important companion for many different occasions.

The Ultra Smart study combines maximum lighting quality in a minimal size!

Your benefits:

  • Optimum illumination
  • Natural color display
  • Battery sparing charging technology
  • Reducing of premature eyestrain
  • Tested safety and quality

Technical information:                                            

  Light intensity
  (at highest brightness level)
  approx. 45,000 LUX
  (measured at a distance of 30 cm)   
  Duration  Level 2 (max.)   approx. 10 Std.
  Level 1 (min.)    approx. 15 Std. 
  Battery type
  Lamp weight
  5,6 g
  Colours (lamp)
 anthracite (standard)

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