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Futudent HD-Camera

Product features
  • Easy-to-use documentation in HD-quality

  • Small and lightweight (only 16 grams)

  • Fast mounting on a loupe, dental microscope or treatment unit

The Futudent system is the world's leading visual communication tool created by top dentists for daily use in your practice. Capture everything you see, handsfree without interrupting your work. Take HD video and images and share your findings with patients and other dental professionals. It's the most easy-to-use, highest quality camera.

  Imaging Made Easier
Capture everything you see. The camera is loupe, dental microscope or by means of a gooseneck at the treatment unit mounted and controlled by a pedal. Now there is no need to interrupt your work. The Futudent camera requires no disruptive steps to operate like other cameras.

  Personalized Oral Healthcare Guides
Personalize your patients' experience and send your advice home with them by creating personal oral healthcare videos. Record while you work - no editing or processing required.

 Referrals And Sharing
Share your findings clearly and easily. Emailing a video link allows you to share patient information with patients, specialists, technicians and hygienists quickly and efficiently.

HD video and images are easily captured, viewed and stored. Video with narration creates an easily reviewable record of the patient's visit that can be saved securely, then retrieved anytime, anywhere on any device.

Fast Mounting
Simple assembly on a loupe, dental microscope or treatment unit with an adapter.
High Light Sensitivity
The camera delivers excellent image quality also without LED lighting.

- Extra-wide depth-of-field (15-25 cm) 
- Three magnification levels (2x / 4x / 8x).
Small And Lightweight
- Weight only 16 grams
- Dimensions: 18 x 22 x 25 mm

Futudent HD-Camera For Optimized Dentistry

From digital photography to HD video recording - the next step in patient documentation.

The Futudent HD-Camera helps you ...

  • Create oral hygiene instructions for the patient
  • Demonstrate treatment recommendation
  • Share videos with patients
  • Motivate your patients
  • Documenting insurance claims
  • And much more

Utilizing And Sharing Dental Videos Couldn't Be Easier!
  Recordings can be stored anywhere: own computer, USB stick, local server, etc.

Images are optimized for storing and streaming. Therefore only a little storage place is needed (1 hour film recordings = only 1 GB data size!).

Sharing videos or images is just as fast and easy as sending an email. Content can be viewed on any computer.

For students - Video is the future of dental education     

Video is increasingly becoming a standard media in modern dental education. The sharing of visual information enhances the learning experience and takes dental education to the next level. The Futudent solution allows many different ways of using visual information, both for students and teachers. The solution is easy to use, intuitive and integrates seamlessly into your curriculum.

         For students

  • An enhanced learning experience: personalized step-by-step feedback

  • Document progress

  • Share your work with teachers and peers

  • Focus on technique and process, not just the end result

         For teachers

  • Enhance students' learning with:
    - personalized feedback
    - step-by-step assessments

  • Time independent teaching:
    give feedback when it suits you best

  • Make lectures more dynamic with your own or student's procedures

  • Offer realistic views of procedures

  • Create online lectures easily

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