Perioscopy / Endoscopic treatment for periodontal disease
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Healing through a better VISION


Product features
  • Provides a comfortable, non-surgical, periodontal treatment option
  • Enables detection of periodontal conditions and other dental problems in earlier, more manageable states
  • Enhances effectiveness of regular periodontal maintenance programs

The main purpose of periodontal surgery is to gain access to the diseased root to see the deposits that need to be removed. For the first time, clinicians using the dental endoscope can see magnified details of tooth anatomy and deposits sub-gingivally, to diagnose and treat periodontal disease in a minimally invasive way.

The Perioscopy System combines traditional endoscopy with the unique requirements to effectively treat periodontal disease by using a miniature endoscope. The high definition camera and display allows to perform sub-gingival ultrasonic, endoscopic debridement that is more effective and can prevent the need for surgery.

How it works?

The miniature scope is placed inside anatomically designed probes that are gently held beneath the surface, while the magnified image is displayed, live, on monitor. Periodontal debridement is performed in each quadrant using the displayed image as a guide. This approach is optimal for both clinician and patient, with less pain, more effective results and less chair time than surgery.

The pressurized water delivery system keeps the field clean for optimal visibility.

Real-time video imaging with magnification up to 48x through the high-definition, medical grade monitor. The monitor displays the endoscopy and should govern movements.

The CCD/LED camera connects to the fiber optic endoscope which contains 19 individual LED light guide fibers and 10,000 megapixel image guide and 3 mm field of view.

The endoscope is placed inside a protective sheath that eliminates the need to sterilize the fiber. It looks in place to ensure clear and focused images.

5 wheel, easy-roll cart provides a sturdy platform and easy transport, with a rear basket for storage, a 10 foot cord and wheel locks for secure use.

The CCD/LED camera attaches to the controller which has a focus knob for the camera and provides white balance, gain control and illumination settings.

Explorers are color coded red for right and yellow for left. They are bent in the direction of use and are designed for optimal visualization.

The 2 liter bottle is connected directly to the Perioscopy endoscope sheath, and contains it's own pedal to control the water pressure.

This state of the art treatment increases patient acceptance, enhances patient referrals and referrals from general dentists due the specialized technique that is more comfortable, effective and provides long-term improvement.

As the minimally-invasive non-surgical alternative, Perioscopy is indicated for patients needing a:

  periodontal initial therapy
  follow up to their initial treatment
  maintenance of chronically inflamed pockets
  Deep Scaling / Root Planing
  as well as to aid in the detection of subgingival caries, root fracturees, resorption
     or perforations

Advanced Periodontal

Perioscopy using the Dental Endoscope

A thoroughly clean root surface leads to a healthy tissue response

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