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Ragy® Interdental Brushes


Product features
  • Available in two different brush forms
  • Plastic-coated wire core
  • Rounded filaments for better accessibility of the brush in the interdental space

Retaled products

Perfect Cleaning

Ragy interdental brushes set themselves apart by their easy accessibility to the interdental space and their high cleaning efficiency. The wire core is plastic coated so that lesions on tooth surfaces or dental restorations can be avoided.

There are two different brush forms depending on the nature of the interdental spaces: 

  Ragy® :
• Cylindrical brush form
• Six different sizes (XXS-XL)
• Color-coded for size determination

Ragy® DeLuxe:
• Conical brush form
• Five different sizes (XS-XL)      
• Longer brush attachment (25 mm)



The smallest packaging unit contains 10 brushes of the same size and shape. Available in the versions "Ragy" & "Ragy DeLuxe"

Disposable holder

Ideal for travel or quick "in between" cleaning: the disposable holder with an integrated brush. The holder is immediately ready for use, anywhere, and without the need for laboriously plugging in the brush. The upper third of the holder is elastic. This prevents the bending of the brush.

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