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Gingi-Plain® Z-Twist

Product features
  • Braided cotton cord, non-impregnated
  • Color: purple to provide good contrast
  • Easy application
  • No fraying of the cord
  • Plastic bottle with a
    „Kutter Kap®“mechanism
  • Cord sizes: MAX 000 / 00 / 1 / 2 / 3

Z-twist retraction cords are woven in a unique configuration consisting of pure cotton threads. The highest precision manufacturing methods provide them with excellent handling properties. The circular woven cord is easy to apply and remains in the sulcus without any help. It does not fray, and its dark colour (purple) provides a very good contrast.

Z-Twist cords are available in several thicknesses, including a very fine 00 version which is ideal for use with the so-called V-technique.

The cord comes in a plastic bottle with a patented “Kutter Kap”. A stainless steel blade built into the cap cuts the cord to the desired length while preventing any retraction of the remaining cord into the bottle.

Available in five different cord sizes:

MAX 000, 00, 1, 2, 3 (contents per bottle: 275 cm)

Kutter Kap®    
   Each bottle is equipped with a “Kutter Kap” so that no scissors are required to cut the cord.

1) Open cap
2) Pull out the desired length of cord
C) Snap the cap in position

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