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Citrizyme® Enzymatic cleaner

Product features
  • Ultraconcentrated, 100 % natural enzyme powder
  • For all organic contaminants
  • Does not froth or foam
  • Immediately ready for use

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    Natural enzymatic powder for effective cleaning of evacuation systems

Citrizyme is an ultraconcentrated, 100 % natural enzyme powder. Rapidly effective dual enzymes remove the proteins and carbohydrates present in "grey slime" (dead organic materials and sediments).

Citrizyme is environmentally friendly, does not froth or foam, and contributes to a longer working life for your evacuation systems.


Citrizyme is so effective that it can be used anywhere where organic contaminants are present. As a softening and ultrasound solution for instruments, this product is just as suitable for removing blood and tissue residues. It can also be used for general cleaning of surfaces in your dental practice or laboratory before the actual disinfection process is started.

Citrizyme contains concentrated, pure enzymes and is immediately ready for use. In this way Citrizyme saves valuable practice time and unleashes its full force as soon as the enzymes dissolve in warm water.

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