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Gel Cord® Hemostatic agent


Product features
  • 25 % aluminium sulfate
  • Hemostatic agent in a viscous gel form
  • Compatible with all impression materials
  • Colored blue for better visibility
  • No discoloration of the gingiva
  • Pleasant raspberry flavour

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    Gel Cord®
    25 % aluminium sulfate

This hemostatic agent has proven itself a successful means for stopping bleeding with reduced tissue trauma and without unwanted effects on impression materials. With its pleasant raspberry flavour, it is highly accepted amongst patients.  The viscous gel is easily visible due to its blue color and thus enables its selective placement and retention in place during the entire treatment.

There is no discoloration of the gingiva!
Gel Cord is ideal for Class V restorations and tissue injuries that occur during cavity preparations. Furthermore, it also facilitates the start of cord packing, providing a lubricant effect when the cord is packed and allowing it to slide into the sulcus. Gel Cord leaves a clean, dry working area and can be washed off with an air-water spray.

Dispensing systems:                                  Pro Pack dispensing systems

Gel Cord® Micro Point
 Gel Cord® PRO PACK 12

Gel Cord is available in prefilled syringes.
The syringe provides for a controlled release in the preparation area using a pre-bent 23 gauge needle.

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