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Stat Gel® FS Hemostatic agent

Product features
  • 15,5 % ferric sulfate
  • Hemostatic agent in viscous gel form
  • Stops excessive bleeding within a short time
  • For an optimally dry working area
  • Easy on the tissue due to its optimised pH

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    Stat Gel® FS
    15,5 % ferric sulfate

Stat Gel FS has proved to be a successful agent for controlling bleeding wherever excessive bleeding has to be stopped reliably within a short period of time. Thanks to its unique buffered pH value, tissue trauma is reduced clearly in comparison with other ferric sulfate products. The characteristic gel formulation allows it to be applied easily and cleanly.

Stat Gel FS acts as a "lubricant" when packing cords for crown and bridge restorations before impressions are taken and controls the sulcus fluid when using adhesives to cement indirect restorations.

Since solutions containing iron sulfate can affect the bonding of polyethers and some addition-cross-linked silicone impression materials, the working area must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Pro Pack dispensing systems

Stat Gel® FS Pro Pack 12

Stat Gel FS is available in prefilled syringes.
The syringe provides for a controlled release in the preparation area using a pre-bent 25 gauge needle.

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