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Product features
  • Knitted cotton cord, non-impregnated
  • No slipping, splicing or fraying
  • Sizes are color-coded
  • 254 cm per bottle

Further retraction cords

SilTrax Plain
non impregnated, braided
SilTrax AS - aluminium sulfate
impregnated, braided


    KnitTrax™ – non impregnated

    This cotton cord has compressible, interlocking chains that easily displace the tissue and remain in place. The knitted chains prevent slippage, fraying, and splicing when packing the cord. Because of the high absorbency of the thread, it can absorb larger quantities of hemostatic solutions than is the case with braided or twisted cords.

    When using KnitTrax we recommend a thicker cord than is usual for braided or twisted cords since the knitted cord is compressed in the sulcus.

    KnitTrax™ No. 000 and 00
    (000 - color: black / 00 – color: violet)
    For use when preparing or cementing veneers or with thin closely lying sulcus tissue. Recommended as the lower cord when using the double cord technique.

    KnitTrax™ No. 0

    (color: purple)
    This cord can be easily compressed when used for the anterior mandibular teeth.

    KnitTrax™ No. 1
    (color: blue)
    Standard cord for most preparations involving the anterior teeth and premolars.

    KnitTrax™ No. 2
    (color: yellow)
    Universal cord, which is well suited for use as the upper cord when using the "two-cord" technique. Brings the largest quantities of hemostatics into the sulcus.

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