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Cord Packing Instruments


Product features
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • For placing and packing retraction cords
  • Plain or serrated heads
  • Autoclavable

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Selective retraction

Pascal Retraction cord packing instruments - these specially developed, precision instruments facilitate the placing and packing of all Pascal retraction cords. Because they are manufactured from surgical stainless steel they are also autoclavable and long-lasting.


 R-55 Buccal

 R-55A Lingual

Plain, non-serrated packing instruments have a thin, rounded head with which the cord can be packed continuously around the preparation, without needing to withdraw the instrument from the cord.

Serrated packing instruments have fine serrations which provide better control over the cord.

Pascal packing instruments have a unique shoulder curve at both ends of the instrument which allows for ease of use by the operator. In this way improved balance and firmness is achieved during the placing and packing procedure.

   Circlet packing instrument round head serrated (R-55)
   Circlet packing instrument serrated and angled (R-55A)

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