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Sigma Dental - Quality with a system

The northern German family business Sigma Dental Emasdi-Systems GmbH has been known for over 30 years for its high quality and also technically complex products. In addition, Jutta and Geert de Boer value personal and qualified communication both with their clients and within the company as a means of promoting an efficient and streamlined business.

The beginning

Personalised and qualified customer service and care have represented the mainstay of Sigma Dental ever since the company was founded. A corporate philosophy which is embodied today by our now 23 employees. Sigma Dental Systems GmbH started in 1981 in Kiel as a husband and wife company, founded by Geert and Jutta de Boer. In the same year the company grew as a result of the purchase of the EMASDI KG company already existing in Steinbergkirche, Schleswig Holstein. 

30 years of product experience

Such well-known products as Surgident retraction cords and hydrocolloids as well as Modern Materials gypsums were part of the original Sigma product line. Over the years, the range of products has been extended with additional high-quality products, such as Biogel D in 1989 and the Ivory Rubber Dam and Ribbond adhesive reinforcing tape which were added in 1993.

Since 1998 the product range has also been complemented by the Orascoptic product line (loupe and light systems), while GLOBAL Microscopes were first integrated into the range in 2005. As a result the company has now developed to become a leading specialist supplier of high-quality products for dentistry and dental technology in Germany and other European countries.

Company developement

After nine years in Steinbergkirche our growth made it necessary to relocate to larger premises. Sigma Dental Systems and Emasdi KG relocated to Handewitt (formerly Jarplund-Weding), a district of Flensburg. Since 1990 the company’s own buildings have offered enough space for our continuously growing number of employees. In 1993 the daughter of our founding couple, Tanja de Boer, entered into the company.

The geographical proximity and the close cooperation between the two companies led on October 1st 1994 to a complete fusion and the formation of Sigma Dental Systems-Emasdi GmbH. This restructuring arose out of a number of administrative and logistical considerations. All the activities in both the commercial and financial areas as well as our in-house and field sales activities were merged under a new limited liability company.

The motto of our North German managers Geert, Jutta and Tanja de Boer is ultimately: "Our focus is on a lean corporate structure" This means efficient and transparent business processes as well as intensive communication, both with customers and within our company. The management considers this philosophy to be a guarantor for the high performance of their company.

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